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Evaluate the relevance of hybrid work with Cloud PC.

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Emmanuel Rasamoely

Consultant Multi-Clouds 



What is Windows 365 ?

The Windows 365 workshop helps you make the case for the value proposition of Microsoft's cloud solutions (Windows 365, Windows on Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Endpoint Manager) and understand the potential challenges within your organization.


Objectifs CIE Bechtle Comsoft

  • Understand the hybrid work scenario.
  • Address the management and administration of the Cloud PC.
  • Understand the difference between Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop. 
  • Understand the licensing of the Windows 365 solution and its prerequisites. 
  • Attend a demonstration of the solution. 
Bénéfices CIE Bechtle Comsoft
  • Optimized : Project yourself financially in a hybrid park project, between "on-premise" and "cloud PC" devices 
  • Secure : Provide a secure environment for your physical and virtual devices 
  • Agile : Allow you to provision a work tool in a few hours 



During 2 meetings, a presentation of the Cloud PC and VDI technology will be made according to the following 4 axes:


  • Cloud PC principles
  • Securing the environment
  • Methodology of provisioning and deployment of a Cloud PC
  • Connecting to the Cloud PC


Duration: 2 days


This workshop is of particular interest to technical and functional stakeholders who are thinking about a new, more flexible and secure working model.


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