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Test the latest Microsoft Surface devices in a live cloud environment.

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Alexia Mamboucka


Team Leader Cloud Modern Workplace 




What is the CIE Surface workshop?

The CIE Surface workshop is a hands-on, guided experience that allows customers to test the latest Microsoft Surface devices in a live cloud environment.

We allow you to replicate the look and feel of the entire device line using new technologies and methods.


Objectifs CIE Bechtle Comsoft

  • Discover and get to grips with the latest Surface technologie
  • Identify the uses of technologies by business
  • Understand the deployment and management of devices in Security
  • Develop the use of Office 365 services


Bénéfices CIE Bechtle Comsoft
  • Facilitating future learning and deployment of Surface technologies
  • Optimize usage in an integrated 365 ecosystem
  • Demonstration of the strengths of the range associated with all business roles 
  • Identification of improvement levers within your organization  
  • Sharing of tips, tricks and new features



The CIE workshop is a half-day session presenting the latest Surfaces technologies and Office 365 uses based on business use cases.

This session takes place at Bechtle Comsoft or the Microsoft lab nearest you.


Each session is qualified with the facilitator in order to identify your business profiles and the desired uses.

A mapping of the uses is then carried out to offer you the possible coverage with Surface devices.


Duration: 1 day (including preparation)

Session = ½ day



This workshop is particularly interesting for technical and functional interlocutors who are thinking about an evolution of the material park and/or a new working model, more flexible and secure.



Surface & Modern Workplace
- What do our customers need right now?
- Why Surface?
Surface Demo
- Product highlights for all roles
- Technical Specifications
Surface Lifecycle
- Deployment and management in security: Intune & Autopilot
- Collaboration around Microsoft Teams
- Practical application in the 365 ecosystem: usage scenarios
Modern meeting rooms
- Surface Hub
- Teams Rooms
Surface Device-as-a-Service
- What is DaaS?
- We support you



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