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What Snow does: Prevents companies from paying too much for the software they use.

Snow Software is a global leader in providing on-site and cloud-based software asset management solutions, including advanced software asset management and multi-platform inventory technologies. Every day, small and large businesses and government departments use Snow solutions to analyse and manage more than 1.7 billion software records.

Since 1997, Snow Software has sold millions of licenses to thousands of companies and service providers across the globe who rely on Snow's SAM expertise to manage compliance, optimise software availability and achieve cost savings. 

Privately funded, Snow Software is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Their solutions: 

Snow License Manager.

With millions of licenses sold, Snow License Manager is the most popular SAM solution in the world.

Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software.

Optimization of software licenses for one of the most important IT expenditure items in the company.

Snow Licence Manager

Snow License Manager is designed to reduce the risk, cost and complexity that go with software assets and license management.  This is Snow's Software Asset Management (SAM) platform. It delivers a unified view of all software and hardware assets, license permits and application usage indicators.

Different people in the company can access custom views that instantly let them:

  • Create Effective License Positions (ELPs) for all software publishers, including Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe and more
  • Track software license spending
  • Monitor the use of deployed assets
  • Identify opportunities to reduce support and licensing costs


Main advantages:

  • A unique view of multi-platform and multi-site networks
  • Integrated automation
  • 100% software recognition guaranteed
  • All the main types of licences recognised
  • Role-based multi-user interface

Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software

The transparency and analytics delivered by Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software can save organisations millions of euros in SAP licensing costs*. 


Given the complexity of licensing options and the lack of in-house optimisation tools, organisations can easily lose control of their different SAP licences and expose themselves to considerable financial and legal risks, while the configured licences are not always fully utilised. 


By providing organisations with the visibility and information needed to ensure that their SAP licences are tailored to their real needs, Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software avoids unnecessary expenses and enables the SAP administration team to take control of future SAP contract and licence negotiations. 

Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software at a glance:

  • SAP-certified solution, native for the SAP business interface
  • Complete SAP Reference Inventory 
  • Matching SAP licence types with actual requirements
  • Automatic identification and correction of duplicate or obsolete SAP users
  • Deployable in a few days, not a few months 


Main advantages:

  • Track and analyse SAP usage to eliminate unnecessary spending
  • Minimise SAP license administration costs
  • Avoid making mistakes with what-if planning
  • Start saving today
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