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Deliver a better experience and make better decisions by analysing huge volumes of data in real time. Access the information you need to deliver intelligent action to improve customer engagement, increase revenue and reduce costs.

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Gather all the data you need

Data volumes are exploding, whether in traditional POS systems, e-commerce sites, new customer feedback loops like Twitter or IoT sensors broadcasting data in real time across Apache Hadoop and Spark. By analysing a wide-ranging data set from the start, you are able to make informed decisions that are predictive and holistic, rather than reactive and disconnected.

Protect your most valuable resource: Big Data

Store your organisation's data without limit, regardless of its volume. Instead of making cost compromises when deciding which data to store, store it in compliance with regulatory and corporate standards at an affordable price. This is now possible with Hadoop and Spark technologies in the cloud.

Example of a Big Data supplier configuration on the Azure Marketplace

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