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Emerging technologies are overturning old paradigms and unleashing new opportunities. Oracle has integrated innovative technologies into every aspect of its cloud, empowering companies to reinvent their business, processes and experiences. 

Artificial intelligence, the blockchain, the Internet of Things, machine learning and other emerging technologies are permeating every aspect of work and life. These technologies are helping us to reinvent possibilities: self-driving cars, personalised medicine, precision agriculture and smart cities.


Oracle provides companies with the essential elements to innovate and create new business models. For example, applications based on artificial intelligence (AI) can prompt user action, automate responses and provide a personalised service. Oracle combines machine learning with multiple management and security solutions to help monitor, troubleshoot and predict potential failures and security breaches. They enable automated but personalised interactions through their applications via PDAs - and have built AI into analysis to help detect hidden patterns.


Oracle helps customers build roadmaps, migrate to the cloud, and leverage emerging technologies wherever they are: new cloud deployments, on-premise environments, and hybrid implementations. Oracle's approach makes it easy for companies to move easily into the cloud and grow along with their business.


Whether in terms of Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Platform or Cloud Applications, Bechtle Comsoft's Oracle specialists walk you through your licensing projects.