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    Create anything you want: 

    Windows applications, Azure applications, Web Apps, Office applications, games, extensions and databases with Visual Studio Professional & Enterprise. 
    Visual Studio Pro.

    Professional development tools, services and subscription benefits for small teams.


    Visual Studio Enterprise.

    An integrated, end-to-end solution for teams of all sizes demanding quality and scalability. Take advantage of comprehensive tools and services for designing, building and deploying complex business applications.

    Opt for the Visual Studio cloud subscription*

    Using the Visual Studio monthly subscription, you can start and stop your projects whenever you want! Increase your flexibility by paying monthly and your efficiency by pooling your development tools on the same invoice with other Microsoft Azure cloud services (e.g. virtual machines and storage).

    With this type of subscription you can log in to any Azure devOps account at no additional cost (to the account owner). By creating as many accounts as you want, you and your team can use the cloud to share code, track development work, and even ship software! But it also allows you to connect to your TFS server for the same purposes. You get a client access licence which is both a server licence and a user licence.


    Common example of compliance: an intern joins your team for a fairly short period of time (2-3 months): now you no longer need to purchase a standard 24/36 month licence to be compliant. Just take out a licence for the duration of the internship.


     *Licensing reminder:  Visual Studio is individual and registered. 1 licence = 1 user

    Comparison: standard subscription vs. cloud subscription

    The two main differences between these two subscriptions lie in the different time span, and the difference of MSDN advantages, which have a big impact in terms of ROI in the standard version. (e.g.:  € 130/month for the Enterprise version, initial telephone support, training, the complete set of Microsoft products, access to previous versions).

    The IDE remains the same whether you switch from a standard subscription to the cloud, however, if you switch from a standard subscription to the cloud, you lose your MSDN benefits.

    If you need these benefits, we advise you to maintain your standard subscription and take out the cloud subscription to manage your needs more efficiently. The cloud solution is adaptable, more flexible and obligation-free.

    If you don't need these benefits and you want to save money, opt for a monthly cloud subscription.

    Comparaison abonnements MSDN standard et cloud_v2

     Visual Studio Marketplace

    Visual Studio Marketplace

    Find the components you like to use with Visual Studio Marketplace. You can buy Azure DevOps and TFS users, artefacts, build pipelines, third party products (Jenkins, my SQL, Git, Sonar source...).

    Visual Studio Marketplace is a must-have tool for any developer, as it offers the products you use every day and much more, in just a few clicks!

    Understanding the limitation of free MSDN credits

    Monthly Azure credits for Visual Studio subscribers are only for development and testing. They do not include a guaranteed service level agreement. Microsoft reserves the right to suspend any instance (virtual machine or cloud service) that runs continuously for more than 120 hours or if the instance is used for production. Microsoft makes this capacity available to Visual Studio subscribers to the extent possible. There is no guarantee of capacity availability.

    The monthly credit does not apply to the purchase of the following services: 

    • Support plans
    • Application Insights
    • Visual Studio subscriptions
    • Visual Studio Team Services
    • Visual Studio App Center
    • Third-party branded products
    • Products sold through the Visual Studio Marketplace
    • Products otherwise sold separately from Azure (for example, Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium)


    To get these services, contact us for a subscription.

     Comprendre la limitation de crédits gratuits MSDN

    Tarification Azure Dev & Test 

    Azure DevTest pricing

    Discounts on Azure to support ongoing development and testing

    • No Microsoft software fees on virtual machines
    • Significant DevTest discounts on a wide range of other Azure services
    • Exclusive access to Windows 10 virtual machines


    DevTest discounts

    Virtual machines (Windows, BizTalk (Enterprise and Standard), SQL Server (Enterprise, Standard and Web): are billed at CentOS/Ubuntu Linux virtual machine rates.

    Azure SQL Database: up to 55% savings

    Enterprise Login Logic Apps:  up to 50% discount

    Instances App Service (Basic and Standard), Cloud Service instances, HDInsight instances: The discount varies according to the instance size and type.

    Per-use Azure subscription

    The Azure pay-per-use subscription is quick to set up and without any limitations. You only pay for what you use. No credit card required!

    Use case examples: 

    • A deployed VM (virtual machine) is charged per minute.
    • A storage account is charged per byte etc.

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