Veritas Technologies is a world leader in data protection, availability and analysis. More than 80,000 customers, including 87% of Fortune Global 500 companies, rely on Veritas to abstract IT complexity and simplify data management. Veritas' enterprise data services platform automates protection and orchestrates data recovery wherever data is located, ensures 24/7 uptime for mission-critical applications, and provides companies with the information they need to comply with data regulations. With a reputation for reliability and a deployment model to suit every need.



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Backup ExecTM - The limitless backup solution.


With Backup Exec, you get fast, simple, comprehensive and cost-effective protection and recovery of your data, regardless of its location.






5 main reasons to choose Backup ExecTM




Easy to use

Manage your entire data ecosystem from a single console
No need for multiple specialised products
Configure backup jobs in just a few clicks
Easily track every backup, replication and recovery job


Data protection in the cloud

Integration of Instant Cloud Recovery with Azure Site Recovery to minimise point and recovery time targets for SaaS disaster recovery (DRaaS)
Certified cloud connectors for all major cloud providers Support for all levels of AWS cloud storage 
Storage cost and bandwidth optimisation with online deduplication.


Incident recovery

Granular recovery for virtual machines directly from agentless backups
Instant recovery for all virtual machines
Automatic disaster recovery testing for virtual machine backups
Reduced downtime and disruption with bare metal disaster recovery and physical-to-virtual (P2V) and virtual-to-physical (V2P) recovery.

Veritas Saas Backup protects your data in the remote world


SaaS Backup is the best way to guarantee that your SaaS data is protected. Your data is encrypted in motion and at rest with 99.9% service uptime and highly secure global data centres.


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5 reasons why you need Office 365 backup (FR)




Shared online collaboration/documentation (Microsoft Sharepoint)

Collaborative tools (Microsoft Teams)

SaaS Backup protects G Suite, OneDrive, SharePoint and folders stored in Microsoft Teams


Cloud productivity tool

SaaS Backup protects Salesforce, the Office 365 suite and Microsoft Dynamics 365


Next generation messaging and collaboration tools

SaaS Backup protects Salesforce and Teams including Channel, Conversation, Planner, etc...


Ransomware: 2-step protection



Automated Terminal Data Protection for Windows and Mac

Veritas™ Desktop and Laptop Option is a user-centric backup solution that provides flexible implementation and centralised administration for data protection for Windows and Mac-based desktop and laptop terminals in companies. Thanks to its distributable components, this highly scalable, stand-alone solution is suitable for environments of any size, whether single, multiple or remote sites. You can thus protect all your files, even the most recent, in your terminals.

  • Protect your terminals automatically, regardless of the network connected, without user intervention.
  • Back up instantly with a recovery point target of a few seconds including support for work in progress.
  • Customise backup configurations for a backup solution against ransomware threats.
  • Give more control to business end users with standalone recovery capabilities.

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News desktop and Laptop Option 9.4

Restoration features for ransomware protection, automated reporting, client terminal migration and much more:

  • Permanent data protection for a recovery point target in seconds with support for working documents in progress.
  • Customise your backup settings using multiple backup modes for ransomware protection.
  • Enhanced restore experience with the ability to perform a restore at any point "t" of the backed up files.
  • Automatic restore features delivered via the agent, web browser and mobile app.
  • Automated reports to provide the administrator with a consolidated status report of the client terminals in the company.
  • Customise backup configuration with multiple backup modes and revision policies for ransomware protection.

Restore Windows and Linux systems in just a few minutes


Ensuring fast and fool-proof recovery of your entire infrastructure can be a tricky and costly task. With Veritas System Recovery, you can reduce downtime and avoid the impact of a disaster by easily recovering your data in minutes, whether you are restoring a single file or message, or an entire computer, either physical or virtual.

  • Reduce operational complexity with a single solution that protects your servers, laptops and virtual machines
  • Protect your data and systems quickly, efficiently and frequently using image-based backup
  • Minimise interruptions caused by system failures with fast and flexible recovery you can rely on


Get the benefits of a fool-proof recovery feature


Bullet-proof recovery, regardless of the type of hardware

  • Securely restore to the same or different hardware, via a complete recovery operation
  • Restore Exchange emails, files and folders, or even entire computers
  • Automatically duplicate your backup data in the cloud or to another site for increased resilience

What's new in Veritas System Recovery


Today's businesses have to respond quickly to a changing business environment that includes cloud and security challenges. Veritas has developed the System Recovery range to meet all these challenges.

  • Quickly back up to leading public cloud storage including Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure
  • Automatically duplicate your backup data in the cloud or to another site for increased resilience
  • Enjoy support for Microsoft's latest server operating system, including Restore Anyware™ technology for restoring heterogeneous hardware and converting from physical to virtual environments
  • Take advantage of advanced support for the Linux environment
  • Get enhanced security with new SMTP support with Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols
  • Benefit from RESTful API support


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