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    Award-winning threat prevention, detection and response platform and managed security services. 


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    In a hyper-connected world where cyber attackers seek to cause harm 24/7 and organizations face unpredictable risks...

    ...Bitdefender is built for resilience

    • Unified prevention, detection and response platform: correlates security information from endpoints, productivity applications, email, identities, networks and cloud workloads with high efficiency, multiple layers of security and simple administration
    • Unmatched attack prevention: Bitdefender prevention technologies and Machine Learning models identify and stop more attacks; we don't just detect and respond after the fact
    • Extended Detection and Response (XDR): combines advanced threat protection with out-of-the-box analytics and rich security context for correlating disparate alerts, rapidly triaging incidents and containing attacks with automated, guided response
    • Experts you can rely on: our SOC works 24/7, with predefined response plans. Attackers never sleep, and neither do we. If we call you at 3am, we'll have an action plan, not just a ticket
    • Better return on investment - security complexity is eliminated to reduce risk, at a lower total cost


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