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So much more than antivirus solutions for your business


ESET has been an antivirus pioneer for over 25 years and holds an extensive list of awards for its performance. Test and discover new generation solutions for your company that are so much more than antiviruses.

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3 reasons to use ESET Endpoint solutions :

  • Lightweight and efficient: The unique design of ESET solutions allows them to easily fit into any environment.
  • Remote web administration: With all ESET Endpoint licenses, you benefit from a single web-based console that allows you to centrally manage thousands of endpoints, no matter where you are.
  • So much more than a simple antivirus: Discover a range of products that packs features such as: device control and analysis, web filtering, antispam, cloud reputation, firewall, data encryption, strong authentication, and more.


Terminal protection * Server security * Remote access protection * Services * MSP


Secure your corporate network, protect your workstations, smartphones, tablets and file servers against new forms of threats. ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced provides protection for your IT infrastructure from a single web-based administration console.


Les solutions tout en un Eset

Endpoint Protection Advanced

Key features of ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced

Proactive protection against all types of online and offline threats. Prevents malware from spreading to other users.



ESET Remote Administrator Web Administration Console
Manage tens of thousands of Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile devices and servers for free from a single console. Apply your security policies and configure your workstations remotely from any connected computer.

Device monitoring and scanning
Blocking and scanning for unauthorised devices and removable media. Special rule settings according to the machine, the user, etc.




Protection for virtual environments
ESET offers several options to meet your needs: agent-based, thin agents, agentless solutions.


Prevent unauthorized access to machines or data stored on a laptop through the network.


Multi-platform security
Protection of: Windows, Mac OS, Linux workstations / Android and iOS mobile terminals / Windows and Linux file servers, BSD, Solaris with a single licence.

ESET Unilicence
Fit your protection to your needs. Protect your Windows, Mac, Linux workstations, Android smartphones and tablets, iOS and file servers with a single license for more than 5 workstations.

Effectively filter spam and analyse all incoming emails.

Web Filtering
Limit access to websites by URL, white/blacklists and categories (games, social networks, shopping and others).

General Data Protection Regulation in Europe (GDPR)


In May 2018, a new European data protection regulation came into force. These rules are set to generate significant changes in data collection and processing and are likely to have an overall impact on the way businesses operate.

The rules are complex and the fines for non-compliance are significant (up to €20 million). In fact, the GDPR extends the scope of protection to cover data held not only by European legal or natural persons, but also by non-European companies or bodies that process data of European citizens. For instance, explicit consent must be obtained to collect and use customer data.

Encryption as a solution

Encryption is an encoding process to prevent unauthorised third parties from accessing information.

Key length and encryption level

The level of encryption is usually equivalent to the key length (in bits) and the encryption algorithm used. The easiest way to crack encryption is to try all possible keys. This is called a brute-force attack, but longer keys have made this approach ineffective.

For this reason, cybercriminals generally do not attempt to make a  brute-force attack or reverse engineer the key's algorithm. Instead, they look for vulnerabilities in the encryption software or try to infect the system with malware to capture passwords or the key during processing.

To minimise these risks, you should use an encryption product and run an up-to-date professional anti-malware solution.

How does it work?

Encryption is usually implemented in two different ways:

Encrypted storage - often referred to as data at rest - is most commonly used to encrypt an entire disk, drive or device.

This type of encryption only becomes effective after the system is shut down, the drive is ejected, or the encryption key is blocked.

Encrypted content - also known as granular encryption - generally refers to the encryption of files or text by the application.

The most common example is email encryption, where the message format must remain intact for the email client application to handle it, but the body of the email is still encrypted with all attachments

Encrypting the personal data contained in your systems helps you to meet the many requirements of the GDPR. The ESET solution is powerful, simple to deploy and securely encrypts hard drives, removable media, files and emails.


DESlock Encryption helps you to meet security obligations by enforcing encryption policies while maintaining high productivity. With its low support requirements and short deployment cycles, DESlock Encryption offers you great flexibility and ease of use.

On the workstation side, the solution requires minimal user interaction. From a single MSI package, improve your company's data security and compliance.
On the server side, the console makes it easy to manage users/workstations and extends the protection of your company beyond its network.


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