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One of the fastest growing IT security solutions companies in the world. Kaspersky Lab provides a wide range of products and solutions for businesses and individuals, and is one of the world's top four security software publishers.

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Unique experience and skills

Kaspersky Lab's most valuable asset lies in the expertise it has acquired over many combatting viruses and other computer threats, enabling it to anticipate trends in malware development and stay ahead of the competition, while offering its users the most reliable protection against new types of attacks.


Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business - Advanced provides next-generation, multi-layered security, incorporating vulnerability scanning and patch management technologies, as well as encryption capabilities for the protection of sensitive data, while optimising performance.

  • Vulnerability and patch management
  • Hardware and software inventories, licence management
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Encryption of disks and peripherals

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Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security provides scalable protection for your Hybrid Cloud environment against the most sophisticated emerging threats. For complete visibility and control of your data, processes and applications at all times, and guaranteed security for every facet of your data centre.

  • Real-time integrated multi-level safety, based on Machine Learning
  • Simplified security management across your Hybrid Cloud for all types of workloads (physical, virtual, Cloud)
  • Advanced, automated and flexible protection for your Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure hosted infrastructure
  • Complete visibility, control and holistic protection for every workload, in all Clouds (private, public or both)
  • Reducing legal and reputational risks related to data protection regulations

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Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-hosted solution that significantly reduces the amount of spam you receive and protects your mailboxes from malware, phishing, advanced threats and suspicious attachments.

  • Next-generation protection against advanced threats and ransomware
  • Block spam, phishing attempts and compromised emails: increase your productivity
  • Advanced filtering of attachments and reduction of false positives: no more email disappearance
  • Manage from a single cloud-based console: simple to use and configure

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Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform is a turnkey online training offer for your employees, providing them with an increased awareness of the challenges and risks associated with security issues.

  • Fun and interactive online training modules
  • Phishing attack simulations
  • User knowledge and progress assessment and monitoring
  • Generation of statistics, reports and analysis

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