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Trend Micro is a global leader in Internet content security and network antivirus software and services. Founded in 1988, Trend Micro pioneered secure content and threat management, leading the migration of initial virus protection from the desktop to the network server and Internet gateway. Today, the company continues to advance its holistic approach to managing content security threats in the Internet cloud, encompassing information flow beyond the boundaries of the network. With 24/7 global support operations and innovative technologies and methodologies, Trend Micro is advantageously positioned to protect customers from a growing range of threats that put business operations, personal information, and assets at risk.

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Network Defense

Virtual Patching

Software is often complex.

Virtual Patching technology gives you control over vulnerabilities in critical applications, as well as over 3,000 other vulnerabilities weighing on enterprise systems and applications. This guarantees resource uptime while waiting for patches to ship and testing them in your environment. To understand Virtual Patching, a feature offered on Trend Micro™ Deep Security and OfficeScan™ Intrusion Defense Firewall, download the solution sheet below.


solution sheet 

2 other security solutions for your connected environment:

Hybrid Cloud Security

Cloud One Overview

A security services platform dedicated to Cloud Builders.

SOLUTIOn sheet 


User Protection

Deep Security

Comprehensive security for your virtualised, cloud and container environments

PRODUct sheet