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Develop your use of Cloud solutions.


Evolving digital technology has accelerated digital transformation in the working environment.

At Bechtle Comsoft, we organise immersion sessions that enable you to efficiently apply your knowledge of Microsoft Office 365 solutions based on user profiles.

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    Alexia Mamboucka

    Team Leader Cloud Modern Workplace



    What is Immersion 365?

    Bechtle Comsoft's Immersion 365 is a service designed to train you in Microsoft Office 365 solution best practices. We place a laboratory equipped with the latest Microsoft technologies at your disposal on our premises. With our Cloud expertise, we will help you accelerate your adoption of Microsoft Office


    Objectifs CIE Bechtle Comsoft

    • Identifying business uses and challenges
    • Identifying the adoption level and usage strengths and weaknesses
    • Overviewing Microsoft Office 365 features and new features plus associated uses
    • Developing use cases by simulating them in a demo environment
    • Sharing tips, tricks and updates
    • Supporting the governance policy
    Bénéfices CIE Bechtle Comsoft
    • Identifying strengths and weaknesses: tool adoption, user support etc.
    • Use optimisation
    • Prioritising Microsoft Office 365 services
    • Support for your governance policy
    •  Recommendation of change management assistance



    A half-day CIE workshop introduces the new uses of Microsoft Office 365 based on use in various professional fields.
    This session takes place at Bechtle Comsoft Microsoft Laboratory, on your premises or online.

    The session is:


    • Immersive, through a scenario based on real-world business cases
    • Experimental, by providing support for testing applications
    • Interactive, with the possibility of interacting with Office 365 solutions specialists


    Each session is qualified with the facilitator and the most appropriate scenario is then selected and adapted to the client's context.

    There is a standard presentation of Office 365 and personalised courses for specific group of users (assistants, lawyers, in-house communication, etc.)


    Duration: 1 day (preparation included)

    Session = ½ day



    Agenda CIE Bechtle Comsoft

    • 08:30-9:00: Welcome breakfast
    • 9:00-10:30: Overview of Modern Workplace and the Office 365 ecosystem
    • 10:30-10:45: Break
    • 10:45-11:30: Team presentations
    • 11:30-12:30: Role playing and usage scenarios
    • 12:30-14:00: Business lunch and discussion


    • The workshop will take place on Microsoft Teams (maximum 5 participants).
    • The duration of the workshop is shortened to 2 hours to maximise attention.
    • We will use fun quizzes to assess your knowledge, detect any difficulties and add dynamics to the session.


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    Agenda CIE Bechtle Comsoft

    • 9:00-09:15: Presentation of the morning's agenda / Round table (name/position/expectations)
    • 09:15-10:45: Immersion Teams
    • - Overviewing the solution in terms of use cases and best practices (communication/collaboration/governance)

      - Dispatching the different profiles to the participants / Connection to the CIE lab (private browsing via the Teams online client)

      - Role-playing and use case scenarios: the participants will be designated to take turns presenting their screen and carrying out the assigned exercise

      - Questions / Answers

      - Fun questionnaires

    • Feedback/discussion on the session
    Our certificates.

    BECHTLE COMSOFT consultants are certified.

    Click to see a list of the main Microsoft certifications held by Bechtle Comsoft.



    Session contextualisation*

    Play the role of the project team in charge of this offer and find out how you can use Office 365 to make your assignment a success!


    * The context is adapted to fit the course and the client.

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