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"Zukunftsstark" - ready for the future

A multi-faceted concept.


With our 70 IT service companies based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland plus our commercial IT companies in 14 European countries, we are always close-up to our customers. The combination of direct IT product sales with the wide range of services offered by our IT service companies makes Bechtle a strong and forward-looking IT partner - a partner for the future -  Zukunftsstark - for medium-sized companies, large groups and the public sector.

As a service provider for sustainable IT architectures, we know how to put theory into practice. For us, a classic IT infrastructure is just as important as current trends like digitisation, the cloud, mobility, security and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

  • More than 70,000 hardware and software products are available in our online shop, on customised e-procurement platforms or through distance selling.
  • In 47 skills centres across the group, specialists deal with a wide variety of IT topics requiring intensive consulting work.
  • Our Bechtle Clouds portal provides easy management of cloud services.
  • A complete IT lifecycle also means that we take care of the economic upgrading of your used IT equipment through professional IT remarketing.
  • Our Bechtle Financial Services AG is there if you are looking for smart financing services.

A decentralised, networked structure.

Bechtle combines the strength and solidity of a financially well-endowed international group with the personal and local support and flexibility of a regional service provider. What’s essential for Bechtle's success is its operating principle as a decentralised, networked structure. All administrative areas and central services are concentrated in the holding company. The advantage: the various parts of the group working for customers such as IT service companies, managed services, skills centres, specialists with a wide range of skills and e-commerce can focus entirely on their core skills in their own facilities and on the customer's premises.

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Vision 2030.

What drives companies forward and makes people enthusiastic?

For us, the answer is obvious: vision.

Vision radiates, attracts, encourages and inspires. A vision starts off as a small light in the distance and one day becomes a goal within reach. Like Bechtle's Vision 2030.
Bechtle Vision 2030

The two facets of Bechtle. A short and concise summary - our fact sheet :


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