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Collaborator interview: Marion Hess


Marion, an Adobe specialist, joined Bechtle Comsoft 8 years ago and has grown with her team! Discover her portrait:



      Marion Hess

Can you introduce yourself quickly?
Marion, 30 years old soon, I am an Adobe Specialist at Bechtle Comsoft in Thomas Ripoche's Specialist Team.


Can you tell us about your background?

I joined Comsoft Direct in October 2014 as a student on a work-study programme to complete my BTS MUC. I joined the pre-sales team to develop the Adobe part of the business, which was starting to grow in view of the licence migrations imposed. In 2016, I signed my permanent contract for the same position at Bechtle Comsoft. The fact that I only had one editor to focus on allowed me to concentrate and to be able to develop more serenely.


What qualities do you think you need to have to be in your position?

A lot of listening, a little patience, organisation, a little adaptation and above all good humour.


What skills have you acquired since joining Bechtle Comsoft?

When I arrived, I discovered the world of IT and more particularly that of software. I was therefore able to acquire knowledge on the subject and improve my commercial skills.
Being in constant contact with sales people during my various missions helped me develop my sense of teamwork.  


What is your next step at Bechtle Comsoft?
To always be in constant evolution in order to be able to bring the best of myself to my collaborators and to our clients.


What if you had to describe Bechtle in three words?

Group, shared values, evolution


What if you could describe Bechtle Comsoft in three words?
Familly, cohesion ambition


Enough about work. Do you have any hobbies?

I like to cook, to read, to listen to music ... but above all to please the people I love


How would you describe your family?

Dedicated, Patient, Smiling!


The film that everyone should have seen?

"Monster & Cie" The power of cartoons is often underestimated.


If there was something else to know about you, what would it be?

Questioning is my watchword