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Worldwide online remote support and collaboration

Companies around the world are using TeamViewer remote connectivity solutions to streamline their operations and provide better services to their employees, partners and customers.


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Telephone: 01 53 38 20 50


Solutions for a safe & connected workplace.


Securely access any device, anywhere, anytime.


Working at a distance, being supported at a distance

TeamViewer helps you keep productivity high. Allow your teams to connect from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Website Monitoring

Monitor, analyse and improve your website uptime, page load speed and important transactions with TeamViewer Web Monitoring - our new integrated website monitoring solution.

Connect remotely to any device

Make any machine smart with instant remote connectivity and built-in remote support capabilities - manage, monitor and control your IoT devices from anywhere with TeamViewer IoT.


As one of the world's leading remote connectivity platforms, TeamViewer makes sure all users are connected, on all types of devices, anywhere and at any time. The company provides remote access, support and control, as well as collaboration capabilities for online terminals of all kinds and helps companies of all sizes to realise their full digital potential.


TeamViewer is activated on approximately 2 billion devices. Nearly 45 million devices are online at any one time. Founded in 2005 in Göppingen, Germany, the company employs nearly 800 people in offices across Europe, the USA and Asia-Pacific with sales support through our Reseller Partners.

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