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    What is Governance 365 ?

    Bechtle Comsoft's Governance 365 mission is a service that supports you in the adoption of Microsoft Office 365 tools within your organisation. We provide you with a laboratory equipped with the latest Microsoft technologies at our premises. With our cloud expertise, we will help you accelerate your adoption of Microsoft Office 365 solutions.


    Objectifs CIE Bechtle Comsoft

    • Identify strengths and weaknesses in the adoption of Microsoft 365 tools and user support.
    • Implementing best practices including the development of good governance.
    • Help with change management.


    Bénéfices CIE Bechtle Comsoft
    • Detailed analysis of usage and management objectives.
    • Setting up an adoption and management plan.
    • Understanding of Microsoft 365 management tools: Administration Centre, Autopilot, Intune.
    • Awareness of cybersecurity issues.


    Governance 365 is a five to ten day mission (including preparation) dedicated to supporting the deployment of 365 solutions within your organisation.




    • Training workshops led by a consultant
    • Presentation materials used during the training workshop
    • Workshop reports

    WHEN ?

    • Before, during or after an organisational change: internal reorganisation, merger/acquisition
    • Following the purchase of Microsoft 365 licences


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