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Bechtle Comsoft 

Your Software and licensing partner of choice.


Bechtle Comsoft is the software subsidiary of the German group Bechtle AG, the European leader in IT e-commerce. With its network and employee expertise, Bechtle Comsoft has earned its European position as a specialist in software licenses, maintenance and optimisation.


With a constantly evolving product offering, Bechtle Comsoft also provides licensing advice and services and is increasingly turning to Cloud development and Software Asset Management. Thanks to cross-border cooperation and close collaboration with other companies in the  group, Bechtle Comsoft delivers advanced support service worldwide.

Our employees know the job

Bechtle Comsoft France employees are recognised experts in software and license management: This means that businesses, whatever their size, can rest assured that their software products, solutions and services are exactly tailored to their requirements. Our know-how is becoming increasingly important as the licensing and pricing models offered by software publishers are becoming more complex by the day.

We’re part of a powerful network

Bechtle Comsoft is a subsidiary of Bechtle, a German group listed on the stock exchange. The Bechtle Group has more than 70 IT services companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is also one of the leading IT e-commerce providers in the European market with its three brands: Bechtle Comsoft, Bechtle Direct and ARP.

Thanks to cross-border cooperation with software partners and close collaboration with its sister companies in the Bechtle Group, Bechtle Comsoft assists its customers in Europe and across the globe as a software specialist and LSP (Licensing Solution Provider).

You’ll be convinced by our qualities

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Your guide through the profusion of versions and complex licensing schemes out there

We provide clarity and structure in terms of cost, legal certainty and compliance. We have a dedicated team of experts, international specialists, ISO19770-1/-2 certification and are a member of Microsoft's Software Asset Management (SAM) advisory board. Enjoy the benefits of transparent and legally compliant license management that will allow you to use your resources quickly and flexibly. You avoid surplus licences generating unnecessary costs as well as licence shortages that could lead to copyright infringement.

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We’re there for you, all over the world

We bring you regional proximity with international scope. With subsidiaries in 14 countries, the support of the international Bechtle Group and our global network of partners, we are present on both the regional and the international scene. We support projects on-site with domain- and country-specific expertise and synergies through effective ordering procedures, exceptional purchasing terms and comprehensive knowledge of licences and software.

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Expertise you can trust

We know what we’re talking about, with many years of experience and the highest vendor certifications. We have been one of the recognised experts in the field of licensing, software and Software Asset Management (SAM) for almost 30 years. The proof is in the multiple certifications awarded by software publishers such as Microsoft, Adobe, Vmware, Citrix, Veeam, Intel, Kaspersky and many others. Our employees deliver quality services thanks to their professionalism, their skills and the pleasure they take in working in the IT world. Our low staff turnover and the long-lasting and positive customer relationships we have forged testify to this. Enjoy fast, targeted and competent support from passionate experts.

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We take care of you: we are fast, competent and reliable.

Our support team is committed to being easily and rapidly reachable and to reacting as quickly as possible. We offer you hands-on, non-bureaucratic solutions and ensure seamless collaboration with us and our partners. With a pro-active information policy and a rich customer event schedule, we guarantee you’ll always be kept up to date with the latest news: before, during and after your projects.

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A one-stop contact for licences, software and services.

We take care of the entire software lifecycle and carry all the software your company needs. Close contacts with software publishers, many years of experience and extensive know-how empower us to cover the whole licensing, software and software asset management market. The market-leading software publishers are represented in our product range, as well as those specialising in niche products. We will walk you through the optimal licensing model determination process and present you with a choice from the more than 10,000 software products in our shop. Your benefits: tailored solutions, time and cost savings.