Azure infrastructure clouds

    Cloud hosting.

    Storage as a service.

    Accessible wherever there’s an internet connection, the main feature of cloud hosting is that it enables users to access shared resources as needed on a self-service basis. For companies, these are intangible resources that can be stored (i.e. your personal data).

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    Top 10 benefits of cloud hosting: 

    • Cost-effective: no more server hardware costs, cheaper software upgrades, ability to pay as you go
    • Flexibility: ideal for growing or fluctuating demands on resources
    • Security: providers are always up-to-date with the latest security updates on their servers
    • Backup and recovery: PRA, BCP, easier replication with the Cloud than with a physical environment
    • Automatic software updates
    • Easy access to information from anywhere
    • Fast deployment
    • Document control
    • Enhanced collaboration: access, edit and share documents anytime, anywhere
    • Information systems easily merged
    • Environmentally friendly: fluctuating consumption = controlled consumption


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