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Cloud computing like you've never seen before

Azure is an ever-growing set of cloud computing services designed to help your organisation overcome its challenges. With Azure, your business or organisation has the freedom to create, manage and deploy applications across a huge global network using its preferred infrastructure and tools.

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What are the advantages of Azure? Our cloud expert’s answer !

Issues discussed : 

  • Use of Azure in the world today
  • Advantages of building your solution on Azure
  • Consumption on Azure
  • Customised support from Bechtle Comsoft for your licensing projects


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What is Azure ?

  • Productivity : + 100 services with end-to-end tools
  • Hybrid : the largest hybrid feature set of any cloud provider
  • Intelligent : modern AI tools and services for increased productivity
  • Trust : a leader in privacy, compliance and security


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Azure is secure

Azure has a unique and proactive approach to security, compliance and privacy. With more than 70 compliance offerings, Microsoft is the industry leader in determining and consistently meeting specific security and privacy requirements.
  • Start with a secure foundation
  • Streamline your compliance and drive business transformation (integrated controls, configuration management tools, consulting, implementation resources, third-party audit reports)
  • Detect threats as early as possible (services based on global and real-time cybersecurity monitoring)


Azure is global

With data centres located in more regions than any other cloud providers, Azure offers global reach with the local presence that many businesses need, empowering them to reduce the cost, time and complexity of operating a global infrastructure while meeting local data residency needs.

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