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Important notes and disclaimer

The following disclaimer applies to the information on the Bechtle Comsoft website, whether it relates to Comsoft direct and the group as a whole or to information from manufacturers, publishers and partners external to Comsoft direct.


Persons concerned

The internet presentation and the information included are exclusively intended for internet users on French territory.


Validity of commercial offers - Liability

Bechtle Comsoft declines all liability for any technical, commercial or marketing information on its site. Comsoft direct cannot be held liable for damages of any kind arising from the use, application or construal of this information, unless it is proven that Comsoft direct has acted with wilful negligence. Only the manuals and operating instructions provided by the manufacturers, software houses or partners before their products are used for the first time or commissioned are official and incur the liability of their author alone, and not that of the distributor, i.e. Comsoft direct.


Content, references, banner advertisements and hyperlinks.

Some of the information on the web pages contains links whose content is dependent on other websites (e.g. via so-called "hyperlinks"). If the information shown on the target sites is inaccurate, contrary to legal provisions or is subject to criminal prosecution, Comsoft direct may only be held liable if the company was aware of the inaccurate or illegal nature of this information and it would have been technically possible for it to prevent its dissemination. Content was carefully checked by Comsoft direct when the website was launched. Bechtle Comsoft cannot, however, guarantee the accuracy or legality of subsequent changes or links displayed by the authors of external sites. Due to the technical characteristics of the internet, Comsoft direct therefore accepts no liability for the correctness or accuracy of the information provided. Only the owner of the third party site can be held liable for the content presented in these hyperlinks or banners and over which Comsoft direct has no control. Bechtle Comsoft certifies that no illegal content was detected at the time the links were created. Bechtle Comsoft has no influence on the current and future layout, content and copyright of the linked sites. Bechtle Comsoft cannot be held liable for pages whose content has been edited after such links/references were added. The content of external sites does not in any way reflect the position of Bechtle Comsoft.


Commercial offers

All offers (including IT and other products) on the Bechtle Comsoft website are subject to change without notice. The company reserves the right to change, supplement or delete parts or all of its offers without prior notice. Availability of offers cannot be required by the customer.


Intellectual property and trademarks

All text, graphics, video or audio documents presented on the Bechtle Comsoft website comply with the provisions of the German Intellectual Property Code, or are created by Bechtle Comsoft, or do not require special licences. All trademarks and logos registered and displayed on the Bechtle Comsoft site are subject without exception to applicable intellectual property legislation.
The mere mention of a product on the Bechtle Comsoft website does not mean that the trademark is not registered. All texts, comments, illustrations and images reproduced on the Bechtle Comsoft website are reserved under intellectual property rights for the entire world. Except where the prior authorisation of Bechtle Comsoft has been obtained, any use or reproduction in whole or in part constitutes an infringement of copyright and may be prosecuted under civil and criminal law in respect of intellectual property.


Applicable law

The Bechtle Comsoft website is exclusively subject to French law.


Validity of the disclaimer

If any provision of this document is held to be invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, by reason of current or future legislation, the validity of the remaining provisions of this document shall not be affected and this document shall remain enforceable.