Ban_Rapport Bechtle 2021 sur la durabilité

Bechtle Sustainability Report 2021


With this report, we inform customers, business partners, employees, shareholders and other interested parties about our sustainability activities. The Bechtle Sustainability Report 2021 also includes the non-financial report of Bechtle AG in accordance with Section 315b of the German Commercial Code (HGB). Bechtle thus fulfils the legal obligation to publish non-financial information in accordance with the "Act on the Strengthening of Non-Financial Reporting by Companies in their Annual and Group Reports (CSR Implementation Directive)", cf. Bundesgesetzblatt (German Official Gazette) 2017, Part I, No. 20 published in Bonn on Wednesday, 18 April 2017. The passages of the non-financial report are indicated by a leaf symbol in the outer margin. The indication refers in each case to the chapter that follows the title or sub-chapter.

In this report, we first provide information on the Bechtle 2030 sustainability strategy adopted in 2021, with its four strategic areas of action and the sustainability programme, which contains concrete measures and objectives.


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