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Cloud is the future.


Currently, big data, mobile traffic, the Internet of Things (IoT), streaming packages and other trends are generating gigantic data volumes. The global data volume is increasing by a total of 40% every year. Companies are now wondering how to deal with this influx of data. How should these colossal volumes of data be processed and managed? We need a new infrastructure that’s agile, flexible and capable of adapting to new requirements.


Cloud Computing offers all these advantages. Many companies have already realised this and are using the cloud. And, of course, security is one of the most important points. Because no company wants to store its sensitive data outside its own computer centre, and even less so when the computer centre is located abroad.


A large number of cloud providers have responded to their customers' concerns and now back up data in centres located in Germany or Europe. For instance, Bechtle operates a computer centre in Frankfurt am Main that meets the highest requirements in terms of security and availability.

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As flexible as hitting a button for all enterprises.


Companies can reduce investment costs by moving their data centres to the cloud and renting additional server and memory resources to meet peak demands. The infrastructure can be expanded at the touch of a button. This enables companies to react faster and more flexibly to changing business requirements.

Cloud's advantages.

  • Flexible and agile IT
  • Lower investment costs (CapEx)
  • Supports service automation
  • Less infrastructure responsibilities means more time for projects and innovations
  • No more unused resources
  • High availability thanks to the cloud
  • Scalable IT infrastructures for different workloads
  • Always the most up-to-date hardware, middleware and software
  • Faster and better deployment of resources since the entire network environment is represented as software.
  • Simple configuration of testing and development environments
  • “Demilitarised zones" (DMZs) can be moved to the cloud.
  • Fast disaster recovery via the cloud
  • More business innovation with new cloud services

Can all businesses benefit from the cloud?


The first step is easy. Especially with the right advice. Because only a complete and detailed analysis can determine what your company really needs. A hybrid cloud environment could be the best solution for your business. Maybe you don't need a large cloud solution or you only want to use software as a service (SaaS). The benefits your company can get from the cloud can only be determined after analysing all the requirements in-depth and defining your company's objectives.



Which cloud is the best?


As a multi-cloud provider, we are always asked which cloud is now the best and meets every specific requirements. The answer lies in combining the delivery methods and the right services for the situation in question. That's why we offer a wide range of cloud solutions and services provided by us and our partners. And now, which cloud do you want to bet on?
We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on choosing the right cloud for your situation and walk you through steps to successful implementation.
To choose the right cloud, it’s important to consider the usage scenarios for which public cloud services are relevant and those for which a private cloud would be better suited. In fact, a lot of companies have important information about their customers or research documents that they are very reluctant to store outside their organisation. In addition, the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been tightened up: any infringement of this regulation exposes its originator to substantial fines.