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    The cloud makes businesses more secure and efficient

    By subscribing to a cloud infrastructure, companies gain access to IT resources (servers, backup, network, storage, etc.) that are located directly in their cloud provider’s datacentre. This strategic choice reduces the costs of hardware acquisition, installation and maintenance.

    By leasing cloud resources on a monthly basis, you gain flexibility. In addition, your business gains in agility in total security, whether your consumption decreases or increases along with your needs. 

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    Microsoft Azure SAAS.

    Plan your revenue
    Manage the size of your business
    Get the benefits of resilient backup

    VMware Hyperconverged Infrastructure.

    Optimum flexibility & Easy upgradability to full HCI stack

    Intrinsic Security & Multi-Cloud Features

    Red Hat.
    First Open Source solutions publisher for businesses
    Simple and economical subscription model
    Stability and high performance recognised

    Supervise every system and device, all traffic and all applications across your IT infrastructure!