HR services offer

    Human Resources

    • Organise and participate in a job  interview online.
    • Take notes collaboratively during an interview.
    • Use agile communication with your team.
    • Monitor your business actions and indicators .
    • Pool the questions asked on a given topic.
    • Look for in-house expertise .
    • Secure your emails, documents and devices.
    Assistant Mission 365


    • Prioritise your email processing.
    • Organise a remote collaborative meeting for your Manager.
    • Search information in your emails.
    • Save time when drafting your documents.
    • Take notes collaboratively.
    • Discuss your activity with your Manager.
    • Prepare documents before a meeting.
    • Attend a remote meeting.
    Commercial journey

    Sales representative(s)

    • Participate in an online conference on the move.
    • Discuss your leads with your team.
    • Build your commercial proposals.
    • Track contacts, actions and documents created for a business opportunity.
    • Research and analyse your market data .
    • Organise feedback from the field for your sales representatives.
    • Propose reference content (video or documentary) to your teams.
    • Secure your emails, documents and devices.
    Marketing journey

    Marketing / Communication

    • Organise a collaborative remote meeting with your service providers.
    • Use agile communication with your teams.
    • Build your marketing messages together.
    • Organise your marketing intelligence on internal and external networks.
    • Lead your community of collaborators online.
    • Provide an external documentation area for your service providers.
    • Organise live video events in several languages for your employees and partners.
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