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Initial situation

Delegated management at each industrial facility made for inconsistent operating methods and a total lack of a consolidated view of software assets that could ensure compliance with licensing rules on workstations and servers.



An SAM mission with a software licensing expert enabled us to kick off a comprehensive audit, which aimed at collecting data on the licences being used, then to compare the licence base with the invoices corresponding to licence purchases, made either when PCs were bought, either individually, or as part of group contracts.


Based on this inventory, by reconciling the licences used with the licences purchased and checking for correct use and compliance, Bechtle Comsoft specialist applied the vendor licensing rules, which, for a layman like me, look like a jungle of down- and upgrade rights, portable or fixed licences, and rules that vary according to purchase date and seniority. Based on the results of this licencing engineering audit, we’ve been able to verify that our software assets are being used properly.



Financially optimised licensing and usage costs thanks to SAM solutions.