The ACTIA group specialises in the design, manufacture and operation of specific electronics for systems management. ACTIA's expertise is applied in various fields such as the automotive, aeronautical, railway, telecommunications networks and energy sectors. The group is present in some fifteen countries throughout the world.
Customer issues

Adoption and management of M365 | Support for better use of Teams


Initial Situation


Due to the health context, ACTIA adopted Microsoft Teams for its employees. However, during a presentation meeting on the support service offerings, the group confided that the transition to Teams had been too quick. As a result, the priority for the group was to reunite the connections between its subsidiaries to ensure unified management. Thus, several challenges appeared for the group: the control of the collaboration between the subsidiaries through Teams, the understanding of the administrative management of Teams and finally the implementation of a relevant governance.




Bechtle Comsoft offered governance-oriented support for the Teams solution to the ACTIA project team. 
Taking into account ACTIA's needs and the context, the workshops were delivered in a remote format. They had 2 main objectives. The first one was to define the governance strategy to be applied for a harmonization of the management and the use of Teams between the collaborators and the various subsidiaries. The second was to increase the team's skills on the tools and functionalities available for successful governance. 

Modern Workplace Offers


ACTIA's teams are more confident in their management of the Teams collaborative tool. Moreover, they appreciate the management potential and the different functionalities of the acquired licences. Finally, they get better benefits in terms of their activity and productivity. 
This first successful mission has helped to establish a climate of trust between Bechtle Comsoft and ACTIA. This relationship led to the signing of two other workshops: Modernize Communications and Hybrid Meetings. The first workshop focused on telephony and the second on meetings in Teams. 


Martine Chupin

Head of Operations, CIO

"The entire ACTIA team involved in the proposed workshops appreciated Bechtle Comsoft's ability to adapt to all of Actia's specificities, both in terms of organisation by country and by department, and in terms of implementation choices.
Teams governance was worked on according to our specificities, while giving new pragmatic directions, in line with our initially expressed wishes.
The workshops were pragmatic, sometimes even applied in session. They enabled us to improve our mastery of the various Microsoft administration consoles."