The agricultural and agri-food cooperative group Axereal brings together 13,000 farmers around a common vision: to develop and sustain agricultural production and contribute to a quality food supply. Axereal collects and markets cereals and oil and protein crops in France and abroad. Some of them are transformed in its industrial tools into flour, malt and animal nutrition.
Customer issues

Acceleration of its digital transformation | Reinforcement of its IT security


Initial Situation


Until 2020, Axereal's IT equipment was mainly equipped with Microsoft O365 E3 licenses. In 2021, the management wanted to accelerate its digital transformation and strengthen IT security, knowing that this would require a significant investment, both financially and in terms of change management. This transformation against the backdrop of the renewal of Microsoft agreements was intended to be as smooth as possible because it also involved a strategic overhaul of ERP. 



Axereal has upgraded its O365 licenses to M365 licenses in order to integrate broader Microsoft features such as desktop security and mobility. ERP licenses around Dynamics 365 were also optimized as part of the redesign project. 
Moving to M365 licenses proved to be a strategic choice, both to grow this transformation and take advantage of the advanced M365 features and in strengthening the security of our IS.



As a software expert, Bechtle Comsoft provided valuable support during certain phases of the project: 
- Advice on deciding on the licensing model or contract 

- Support and advice on the cloud project 

- Help with profiling or financial discussions with Microsoft 


"Bechtle Comsoft proved to be a valuable support and help in the renewal of our Microsoft contract. In addition to an excellent knowledge of products, types of contracts and Microsoft methodology, Jamel and his team were real assets in guiding, advising and accompanying us in this exercise. Even today, we still benefit from COMSOFT's professionalism and efficiency to manage our Office 365 platform. It is therefore a partnership of choice and a real added value for Axereal."

   Stéphane MOUSSET