The city of Bouguenais is a city of approximately 20,000 inhabitants with 430 permanent employees covering more than 80 different professions. The role of the IT Infrastructure Manager is to ensure the smooth running of the IS, so that the local authority's staff can provide a quality service to the citizens of Bouguenais.
Customer issues
Maintain a history and backups for data in the cloud.


Initial Situation


The Bouguenais City Council has moved its messaging and part of its data to the cloud with the intention of keeping its historical data backup capabilities.
The problem was how to proceed to back up the Office 365 cloud data locally. 
The Veeam Back-up for Office 365 solution offered by Bechtle Comsoft seemed to be the most suitable solution for their needs.






The city of Bouguenais was already working with Veeam on its internal Veeam Back-up & Replication solution, and asked Bechtle Comsoft for advice on how to optimise it.
A quotation was quickly sent to them for this additional solution, which made the decision easier.
The cohabitation of the VBO and VBR solutions on the same server was made possible by switching to VBR version 10.
After setting up a dedicated service account on the cloud environment, the backup configuration was undertaken with retention times and data (email, files, etc.).






The implementation of the tool has enabled the City of Bouguenais to secure its data and to store a copy locally. This has made it possible to restore mailboxes and files in a simple, flexible way and to no longer fear accidental deletions in the cloud.
For the teams, the results are positive: the data has been migrated to the cloud while retaining the possibility of backup and data history.
The city of Bouguenais is proud to have implemented a simple and functional solution, allowing the community to keep control of its data via the cloud.
Bechtle Comsoft's responsiveness and availability throughout the project was essential to its successful execution. 



"I would like to thank Bechtle Comsoft for helping us with our needs. The key points of this project were:
- The discovery of the product 
- The impact of licensing
- The quick and easy configuration
- Efficient restoration.
Points on which we were accompanied in an efficient manner. We trust this partner and have a good relationship with them."

   Loris CADIET