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The Régie Ligne Azur is the urban and suburban transport network in the Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolis. This public service is constantly expanding and has more than 93 lines serving the 49 municipalities of the MNCA (Metropole de Nice Côte d'Azur). The RLA has a virtual monopoly on the operation of public transport throughout the MNCA.


Customer issues 


  • Implementation of an electronic signature solution
  • Management of PDF document workflows





Initial  situation

The reorganization of the departments pushed the public procurement department to find a solution to structure its future remote boards of directors while ensuring security in the documents it had to exchange and have the various directors sign. The documents also needed to have legal standing, otherwise the quality of the results could have been compromised. The RLA turned to Alexis Bonneveux, its main contact at Bechtle Comsoft, with whom they work regularly. He referred the RLA to Thomas Ripoche, with whom they set up a video conference to learn more about Adobe Sign/DC and to see if it could meet their needs.



After presenting the product to the relevant departments, the Adobe Sign/DC forms had to be implemented, adapted and tested quickly. The Bechtle Comsoft team was able to support the RLA in integrating the new solution and answered any queries.


It was a success, the Adobe Sign/DC solution perfectly met the expectations of the public order team. Indeed, it is very easy to use, allows a great customization in the parameterization of the PDF documents and offers a complete follow-up of the workflow: from the creation of the interactive form, the follow-up of the shares to the summary of the results. It is very professional, provides detailed reports as desired and ensures that the various documents signed are legally valid. The Bechtle Comsoft team proved once again that it goes far beyond its activity as a software reseller, it guided the RLA and showed them a solution that was adapted to their needs while offering support until the end of the deployment.

Thank you to the entire Bechtle Comsoft team for their unconditional support and especially to Alexis and Anne-Charlotte, with whom we particularly enjoy working, for their systematic involvement in each of our projects.



Benjamin Drieux-Falgon

CIO Europe du Sud at Findus.